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Here are some amazing testimonials from veterans of all different eras talking about how EFT Tapping has helped them get their life back.



“Now I have a tool I can use immediately.  I can sit down and spend 5 or 6 minutes tapping instead of spending time in a psych ward, and I don’t care who’s watching.  The hardest part about EFT is remembering to do it.” 

– Arne Lyshall,  85,  Marine / Korean War – Chosin Reservoir / Seattle, WA


“Much as I love not having my nightmares anymore, I love even more the fact that I now can dream again.  I am so grateful for EFT! Thank you!” 

– D. Nicole Johnson Starr, Veteran, Maryland


“The war is just a training mission compared to the real battle: the personal combat that that starts when you come home. And without EFT you go in unarmed.   Where was this 11 years ago?”

– MSG Ken S., Marine / Iraq


“I can sleep at night without pills. I have friends; and best of all I have my life back. For the first time since my combat days ended, I can share my stories with my loved ones without the fear of my own emotional responses.  Thank you EFT! When asked how I feel, my only response is, “I’m free.”

– David S, Army / Afghanistan War  (To read about his one year follow up CLICK HERE)


“After EFT I feel released from an emotional prison. My severe hyper-vigilance has been dissolved. I now frequently experience joy and happiness.” 

– Sergeant, US Army Medic / Desert Storm


“I served with the Army in Korea in 1951 and for 60 years have had a very painful-emotional memory that has plagued me all these years … so I told “my story” to Alina and went through the process of tapping it down …after one hour I could mentally revisit that Korean experience and it was as though I was watching an old newsreel of a 20 year old GI’s (me) experience …and there was absolutely no emotional  charge to it … and I have been free of it ever since !!… 13 years of group therapy or 1 hour of EFT … take your pick … I’m sold on EFT!!”

– Carl Anderson, Veteran / Korean War


“I wish I’d found EFT when I first got back from Vietnam. It would have saved me a lot of pain, suffering, and anguish.

All the years since Vietnam I had horrible nightmares. The nightmares stopped immediately after we did an EFT session on the nightmares. That was over a year and a half ago and I haven’t had a nightmare since. I don’t wake up screaming and sweating anymore.   After all those years since Vietnam, the horrific, in living-color, violent nightmares are gone.

I’m grateful to EFT. My whole life since Vietnam I was full of anger, hate and wanting to kill. I don’t have anger anymore, I don’t hate anyone anymore, I don’t want to kill anyone anymore. All the guilt I’ve carried for all these years is gone. And that’s a great feeling. You can’t buy that kind of feeling. I’ve walked out of EFT sessions in total peace.   If I passed away today I would want to go out feeling like I do now.

If every kid coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan could have EFT right after they get back, it would make a world of difference. There is no reason for them to spend over 40 years in anguish like I did.  I still have the memories, but I’m OK.   I’m talking from the heart.”

– Steve K., Marine Veteran / Vietnam


“Before my experience with EFT, I had tried many things in my life to get past the desperate feelings that I was experiencing. I tried drinking enough to soften my pain, but enough was never enough. I tried hiding, but there was no place to hide. My outlook on life was like a dark tunnel with barely a hint of light.

After a couple of sessions of EFT, even though all we did was cover body pain and had not even gotten to the tough crap yet, I felt like I had already flipped a switch. I went from being constantly under attack from triggers everywhere and under the effects of a full emotional breakdown to where I felt delighted to be triggered again because I knew the trigger didn’t have a chance.

I don’t know if EFT saved my life, but it sure feels like it. I am extremely sure that it saved my quality of life.”

– Michael Payne,  Specialist 4th How Battery 2/11th ACR / Vietnam 1971-1972


“The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – It worked for me, and it can work for you.  I lost eleven brothers on my first deployment alone. Their initials are tattooed on the inside of my left forearm in memorial. I will never forget them. But I will not let their loss cripple me emotionally for life, either.

If you are at all like me, your first thought – if you are even aware of EFT to begin with – is that this stuff is a bunch of BS. How the hell can tapping on your face and hands alleviate PTSD? But I was wrong, and found this program to be far more effective – and less emotionally invasive than anything else I have tried for combatting PTSD.

When I got out of the Army and moved back to Oregon in late 2010, I planned to take some time to clear my head. I wanted to avoid responsibility, and I sure as hell didn’t want anyone telling me what to do. I was glad to be free of the overly-structured military life. Six months later, I could barely leave the house. Nearly all of my personal relationships were strained – or worse. And I had almost zero interest in anything but wallowing in my own self-pity. At the urging of my family, I finally sought treatment at the VA in the spring of 2011.

I started a six-month traditional PTSD therapy program at the Vancouver outpatient clinic (part of the Portland VA Medical Center system). To track my progress, my therapist had me complete a PTSD Checklist-Military (PCL-M) at the start of every other session.

The PCL-M asks the veteran to rate the severity and/or prevalence of 17 different PTSD symptoms on a scale from 1 (Not at all) to 5 (Extremely). Answering “not at all” to each question would produce a final score of 17, while answering “extremely” to each question would produce a final score of 85. A score of 50 or higher is the field’s accepted cutoff for a veteran having PTSD.

My first PCL-M score was in the mid-70s. When I finished the VA program in the fall of 2011, I was in the low 40s, below the threshold. Outstanding improvement to be sure, but it didn’t stick. Within a few months, many of the symptoms had returned.

My emotional condition continued to deteriorate throughout 2012. I had dismissed Viking Vets emails about the Emotional Freedom Technique for months, immediately deleting each without even a cursory glance. Around Thanksgiving 2012, I finally relented – again at the urging of my family – and set up an appointment. I decided to complete a six-session (one per week, or more spaced out if you prefer) treatment program.

My EFT provider, like the VA, had me complete a PCL-M prior to the first session, after the third and sixth (final) sessions, as well as 90 and 180 days after completing the program. Here is how I looked:

Before session #1: 54. While not considered extreme PTSD, it is certainly above the cutoff.

After session #3: 35. This was only two weeks after the first session.

After session #6: 27. This was HALF the score of when I started the program, but the progress is even more substantial considering my final score was only ten points above the rock-bottom minimum one can score on the PCL-M.

90-day Follow-Up: 32

180-day Follow-Up: 32 (no change!).

I have not had a single nightmare or involuntary reaction (i.e., jumping at a loud noise or breathing hard when remembering a stressful experience downrange, etc.) in almost a year. While I will always remember the men who died and the moments when they did, my emotions no longer control me.  What do you have to lose? Give it a shot!”

– Evan Hessel / Former President, Viking Vets / Iraq Nov ’06-Feb ’08; Afghanistan May ’09-June ’10


“For 35 years I was hard to get along with.  Divorced, fired, and feared by my children because I over-reacted to any provocation.   Six hours of EFT coaching gave me the tools to change.”       

– Capt. George Peters, Army, Vietnam


“EFT took the emotional pain & stress out of my combat memories, and reduced the hold PTSD had on me.”

– Jim, Army, Vietnam


“The results with EFT were immediate and I literally ‘fell back’ into my body from a defensive posture that I had unknowingly created. I could feel my body again and could not stop crying and laughing. I also became less reactive to whistle sounds and sirens that used to initiate in me a fight or flight response, as incoming rockets had done in Iraq. Overall, I regained the quality of life I had prior to deployment.”

– 2LT Olli Toukolehto, Army, Iraq

“Thanks to EFT I finally have been able to sleep at night without waking up in combat. I can still recall the memories, just without all the guilt, shame and fear.I finally have my life back and can become the father, son and husband that I once was.”

– Staff Sergeant Brian Davis


“I had heard good things about EFT, but was still skeptical of this program in the beginning. As the sessions progressed, it became clear that EFT and the Veterans Stress Project know something that most don’t: a technique for alleviating mental and physical pain that breaks the societal mold to achieve real, effective, measurable results. Since completing my sessions, I have continued to share my experience and the technique not only with war buddies and veterans in my community, but with family and friends.”

– Army Veteran, Iraq/Afghanistan, 82nd Airborne


“I haven’t felt this good doing cocaine. I haven’t felt this good drinking. I hope that people would just take it, just try it. Just try it once.”

– Andy Hodnick, Veteran


“Before I did the EFT thing, for me to say “I’m happy,” that would just be weird… and I say it probably like 10 times a day now.”

– Carlin Sloan, Veteran

“From a big time skeptic – EFT is amazing! I found EFT 3 years ago and so wish I had known about EFT prior to this. Can’t wait until I see a press release where it is the standard initial treatment by military and VA clinics for PTSD and many other combat and noncombat challenges of active duty, reserve, and military veterans.”

– Paula Tutein, Coast Guard Veteran

“I cannot thank you enough for the help you gave us! It gave Nise and I our lives back and because of it, Nise was “at peace” when she passed over, and so am I. I envision EFT as one day being a mainstream treatment in recovering from trauma related issues.”

– Jim Stotts, Jr, U.S. Navy, Viet Nam Veteran.

“I am finally free of the three to four nightmares I endured every night for more than 17 years. I am sleeping better, feeling better than I can remember. My hyper-vigilance has been replaced with a sense of inner peace.”

– Art F., Captain/Company Commander, US Military

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